Ideas for my final map – experiments with GPS and iPhone technology

For my final mapping experiment, I am considering using GPS technology to track a route I walk in the bushland near my house. The area is quite large, with fire trail access roads connecting the suburbs of Engadine, Woronora, Woronora Heights, Yarrawarrah and Loftus.

In order to accurately record the path I walk, I plan to use free iPhone software that can track GPS location. This app – called Map My Run, is free to download, and can record your route via GPS and maps.


Image taken from here.

If I can somehow attach my iPhone to my dog’s harness, I can take him with me in the bush and let the app record his movements.

This would provide me with a much more interesting map, as my dog tends to run everywhere, straying off the path and exploring every chance he gets.

I tested the app in my backyard, following my dog as he ran around chasing a soccer ball.

FullSizeRender (2)

The app worked as promised. However, due to the small size of my backyard, the red lines are very condensed, and it is difficult to see the exact route. By doing this in the bush, I will have a much bigger area to work with, which will hopefully lead to a better result.

As this is for my final map, I plan on using a satellite image of the area, with the route we walk placed on top. I think I will create a digital A1 sized map, which means I need to brush up on my skills with Illustrator.


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