Mapping Workshop – Noticing Walk

In this workshop we took a walk around the UOW campus and Botanic Garden. The objective of this walk was to notice social interactions that were taking place around us as we walked.

Some of the social interactions I noticed during the walk were:

  • people walking
  • lollipop ladies patrolling the pedestrian crossings
  • families with prams
  • birds and insects
  • people talking on the phone
  • people having conversations
  • students yelling ‘stop’ and ‘go’ as we progressed on our walk
  • people smoking

I drew up a map of the route we walked on, and allocated each event I saw a letter of the alphabet in the key, to make it easier to see what was happening and where.


I tried to take this further by creating a stencil cut-out of the botanic gardens, however the lesson ended before I had a chance to finish this part (see below). It would have looked pretty good as a final product.


This was an interesting workshop. I never usually pay attention to what is happening around me like I did during this walk, so it was good to gain some new insights into social interactions that take place when you are completely silent.


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