Experiment 2 [PART B] – Creating Topographic Maps

Based on the research done in part A, I have decided that my next mapping experiment will involve the use of contour lines to illustrate how they can be used to show not only geographic features, but also features of the human body. To do this I will be creating a to-scale topographic map of my foot.

Using a stencil knife on this self-healing mat, I cut the different sizes and shapes that were required from black cardboard. Once I had all the pieces I splayed them out across the mat to get an idea of what my map would look like in 2D, before I pieced them together to form the 3-dimensional final product.


This is what I ended up with. All that was left to do was to stack each piece on top of one-another until I had a topographic interpretation of my foot.


All in all I’m quite pleased with how this experiment turned out. It was a simple but entertaining experiment, and I feel that the final product is an adequate representation of how topography can be used to turn a two-dimensional image into a 3D one. However, I don’t think that I will continue with topography or contour lines in creating my final map.


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